Queens of Deliria & Bootlegs

William Duffy xl5 at IINET.NET.AU
Wed Mar 19 10:36:02 EST 1997

Chris Warburton wrote:
> Firstly, Bryan wrote:
> >One thing in particular, though:  They listed in their catalogue
> >the SF book _Queens of Deliria_ but the price seemed too high.  I've
> >got the first in the series _Time of the Hawklords_ (which is not
> >that good, really), and I do want to get the next one anyways.
> Foget it, it's utter drivel - did MM actually write a word of this (does
> anybody know), or has it just got his name on the front.  I have just about
> every book he's written, & the two "Hawklords" books make Club Ninja seem like
> Secret treaties (to micx metaphors & list sections) - Bryan: if you are really
> desperate & in the UK, I'll mail you mine (if I can find it - I move dhouse
> last summer) contact me off-list.
I believe the book was actually written by Michael Butterworth. I think,
as with the first novel, Mike Moorcock only contributed a few ideas to
the concept.


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