(from Shari again) New BOC fan/Hawkwind Q's

Shari Hill ShariHill at AOL.COM
Thu Mar 20 11:02:05 EST 1997

Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me into your little world so quickly and
answered my quest for advice on Hawkwind stuff--by the looks of things,
they've got one hell of a loyal following, eager to convert the unsuspecting.

I think I'm going to like it here!  :-)

In my original mailing, I did say that I'm a fan of BOC and Moorcock--but let
me say it's _not_ just the Moorcock stuff that interests me.  Along with
_Fire of Unknown Origin_, I've noticed _Imaginos_ has taken up permanent
residence in the tape deck (I haven't found it on CD yet).  _Agents of
Fortune_ is another one I've found that I like--it must be the
X-Files/Millenium fan in me.

In short, I'm looking for imaginative rock along the lines of BOC or
_Hemispheres_-era Rush--something that sounds good and tells a good story or
paints a picture.  I don't know if it helps, but I never did get into Black
Sabbath--too simplistic, I guess--and I'm not a big fan of Pink Floyd--unless
I'm feeling reeeeeeeeaaaaly mellow.  (". . . gee, look at all the pretty
lights . . .")

A few people suggested I seek out the BOC FAQ before joining discussions,
which I plan to do as soon as America Online lets me!  For now, I'll content
myself to gathering advice on which albums to buy and other such stuff, at
least until I figure out what I'm talking about.  You've all been most


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