OFF: Eloy

Marshall Wood mwood at SLICE.AGILE.COM
Thu Mar 20 12:09:20 EST 1997

>Shari Hill writes:
>> In short, I'm looking for imaginative rock along the lines of BOC or
>> _Hemispheres_-era Rush--something that sounds good and tells a good story or
>> paints a picture.
>You may want to try out some Eloy or Nektar albums too. I'd suggest Power
>and the Passion and Journey to the Centre of the Eye but I'm sure others
>will differ.

Yeah, Eloy was the first band to come to my mind as well.
If you don't mind the German accent on the vocals, Eloy
is an excellent band.  Haven't heard _Power & the Passion_,
but I can heartily recommend _Colours_, _Ra_, _Silent Cries
& Mighty Echoes_, _The Tides Return Forever_, and _Floating_,
in about that order.  Only problem is that they are only
available as imports from Germany, so they'll cost US
residents about US$20 each.  Griffin supposedly released
a "best of" CD last year, but I never say it, nor do I ever
expect to, now.

Only heard the one Nektar track from the _Supernatural
Fairy Tales_ boxed set.  Quite good, but also tough to find
here in the states.

If anyone has _any_ CDs by either of these bands for sale,
please drop me a line!


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