(from Shari again) New BOC fan/Hawkwind Q's

Daniel Wikdahl mpj95wid at MC.HIK.SE
Fri Mar 21 07:48:25 EST 1997

hawkjoe wrote;
>which incarnation of which hw tracks should fill a C-90 tape for a
>"The Hawkwind Abduction of the Common BOC Fan"
>WoteOT         - Assault and Battery/Golden Void
>Levitation     - Levitation, Who's Gonna Win the War

WHAT!?! Johan för sjutton gubbar! :-) Guys, you have to explain this to me
why should a Oyster like Levitation at all? This album is one of very few that I
don't play LOUD on my stereo 'cause I would feel extremely embarrassed if my
neighours could hear that I listen to so silly music.

>QS&C           - Spirit of the Age

Agree on this one though... But Damnation Alley has to be included... it's the
only way to teach a BOC-fan why violins are essential in rock-music...

>Electric Tepee - LSD
>etc, etc...

Doremi -Time We Left this World Today

Urban Guerilla could fit in too.


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