BOC: Re: (from Shari again) New BOC fan/Hawkwind Q's

John A Swartz jswartz at MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG
Fri Mar 21 09:35:41 EST 1997

>    I however have an early affectation for _FoUO_, with "Fire of Unknown
Origin", "Burning For You" (still a good song, even if grossly overplayed),
"Veteran of the Psychic Wars", and the immortal "Heavy Metal: the Black &
Silver" :)

Carl, you and I gotta stop drinking the same stuff or something - once
again, I agree with you.  ;-)

FoUO probably also has some attachment to me as I got into BOC right
around 1980, so it was the first "new" BOC release after I became a
fan - it therefore got a lot of play on my **8-track** player when
it came out.


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