OFF Jeff Beck/Punky Meadows/Angel/Frank Zappa/Friday Afternoon

Guido Vacano gvacano at BEAVER.MBB.WESLEYAN.EDU
Fri Mar 21 14:22:09 EST 1997

> Craig Shipley wrote
> >Yeah, but their guitarist was/contains more fluid than Jeff Beck. And
> Sorry guys, that makes me really MAD - how on earth can you make a comparison
> like that, OK by his own admission, Beck is no "genius", and he himself is
> awed by the technical virtuosity of some modern players, but JB was/is
> one of the great INNOVATORS of the electric guitar!!!!!!!!!!

I disagree. IMHO, Jeff Beck most certainly IS a genius (also played the
best concert I've ever seen).

> Have you ever heard FZ's BABY SNAKES or LIVE IN NY release? If you haven't,
> the line above (and several others I used) were take directly from a
> track that appears on those releases, titled "Punky's Whips". It is a sad
> tale of woe of how FZ's boy drummer, Terry Bozio, becomes infatuated
> with a PR photo of Angels' guitarist, Punky Meadows. Since we were talking
> about Angel, I just couldn't resist... >:->

I'm surprised you remember that much Pops! :-) It's also interesting
because Terry Bozzio was playing drums forJeff Beck on _Guitar Shop_, and
the aforementioned concert.

> And I agree, JB is a helluva guitarist! One of my desert island disks would
> have to be BLOW BY BLOW.

So much for your reputation for senility. :-) ;-)

> JB is still around and active, can't say the same for ol' Punky...So, relax,
> it was all a bit of humour!

BTW Craig--I can't tell you how much I love editing out all those lines
of ms-tnef crap whenever I reply to one of your posts.It makes me feel
better dropping some cash for the newest version of OS/2. Down with
Micro$oft!!!! :-)


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