(from Shari again) New BOC fan/Hawkwind Q's

William Duffy xl5 at IINET.NET.AU
Sat Mar 22 20:47:54 EST 1997

  For a long time, the dancers have generally been as decently clad as
  dancers, and there's often been equal numbers of male and female
  dancers.  And
  back in the early '70s, we were still into hippy shit like "Hair",
  and the
  on-stage nudity, by Stacia in particular, was more in a spirit of
  liberation that sexual titillation.  I don't know if the band ever
  played in
  the nude, as they threatened once, but it would have been more than
  breasts jiggling if they did...

I agree. The HW dancers I've seen (on video, at least) don't seem to be
performing in any form of sexual titilation. If anyone want's to view
that sort of thing, maybe they should take a look at most of the top 40
film clips.

  Anyway, joking aside, you might as well complain about the lack of
  members of Hawkwind ever.  Although they've had at least one gay

I don't know if this refers to Steve Swindells or not, but in an article
he wrote recently for Time Out, he says this:
 A strange coincidence led to me writing about 'Welcome To The Future',
the band's new Website.  My best girlfriend, who used to run their
in the '70s, came to lunch the other day.  As I opened the door, I
some late post, including, much to our mutual surprise, a letter from
Hawkwind manager, Doug Smith.  It transpired that he had been trying to
track me down after all these years to let me know that I was due some
royalties!  Karmic returns, one might say.

I read recently on this list that he was apparantly involved in some way
with the gay movement. Couldn't he not be involved, and have a
girlfriend as well? Also, does he mean girlfriend in the way we think??
Of course, since the band has had more members than 2 soccer teams put
together, then there is always the possibility of at least one gay

On the subject of female members, Don't forget Kris Tait, who I would
regard as a silent member, in much the same way as Stacia was.


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