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Gary Davis artshop at ARTIST-SHOP.COM
Tue Mar 25 22:32:43 EST 1997

Hi, folks:

Last week I let you all know about Al Bouchard and The Brain Surgeons in The
Artist Shop <>.  At that time I sort of hinted at
some other news I would have for you in the near future.  Well, it seems the
future's here already.

This news will be especially sweet to those of you not on AOL who have been
envious of the AOL chats with the BÖC boys.  The Artist Shop started it's
own tradition of IRC chats a few months ago.  New on our chat calendar is
Buck Dharma!  This chat will be Wednesday, April 2 at 9pm EST.  You'll find
full details at The Artist Shop's IRC page including links to IRC software
to download if you need it.  Again, this is not an AOL chat, it's an IRC
Chat accessible to everyone not on AOL!

As many of you know, Buck is promoting a special charity performance coming
up in Duluth, Georgia on April 11 (with a possible second show on April 12)
at the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center.  The proceeds for this concert go to
a special fund to pay for medical expenses of Ricky Browning, age 10 and a
big BÖC and Godzilla fan, who is undergoing treatment for a brain tumor.
The venue is a state-of-the-art music hall seating 700.  There will also be
a special fund raising dinner on April 10, location to be announced.  Ticket
information is available through TicketMaster.  You can check their website
or contact the one nearest you.  If you have any questions regarding this
benefit or would just like to make a contribution to the fund, contact Chuck
at agentof at

And just for those of you who are big fans of such chats, The Artist Shop is
hosting an IRC Chat Wednesday night (3/26) with experimental guitarist,
David Torn.  Full details at The Artist Shop's IRC page.


                              Gary Davis
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