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Carl Edlund Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Fri Mar 28 03:02:59 EST 1997

> I started with _New River Head_, was instantly hooked, and have never
> looked back. (I have all the Bevis Frond albums, bar the latest one,
> _Son of Walter_.)

     _NRH_ was my first acquisition after _AGF_ both of which I think are
fab and probably still my faves along with _Superseeder_.  I got _Son of
Walter_ almost before it came out (!) but really haven't listened to it
that much.  As I say, some of the material translates quite well live.

    People should also not neglect the recent cassette releases of live and
rare material that Woronzow put out.  Apparently there is some _primo_
material and you can get all 5 tapes for 20 quid!  Check the www site.


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