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Sat Mar 29 16:50:07 EST 1997

> Ah, that was going to be my next question, but you've anticipated it.
> But ya didn't really say if you liked it or not.  Is it a concept
> album?

I do like the new Queensryche album, but it's not what I expected (or hoped
to hear) out of them.  I don't think it's anything like their previous
material.  It amazes me that they had to go all the way to Nashville to
sound like they're from Seattle.  Peter Collins is one of my all time
favorite producers, but this album sounds more like a demo tape.  The song
writing and performances are fairly simple.  The songs are good, just not
great.  It reminds me of when I first got Bruce Dickinson's Skunkworks
album.  None of the songs really stand out, but they are good.

> GT was a singer before he joined JP.  In fact, I think he was the
> lead singer in his previous band, as well as guitarist, of course.
> He wrote most of the songs, then?

I did not know that (which is how I responded on another list when a guy
posted that "Sting blew monkeys".  He wrote all the songs (music and
lyrics) except "Paint it Black".  I'm curious to hear other opinions
regarding this album.

> Wow!  Sounds great.  I used to see Billy in bar bands for years
> before he hit it big.

Billy is an incredible player.  His work on the Rush tribute album is
beyond amazing.

> Cozy's an animal.  Is he in a band nowadays, or just doing the hired
> gun thing?

I'm not aware of Cozy playing with any band.  I think that he's pretty
burned out on the band and touring thing and will most likely just show up
on other people's albums once in awhile.  The last time I saw him was his
last show with Black Sabbath.  It was 1995 in LA.  He was incredible, but
he left the tour because he was supposedly worn out from touring.

> Are you related to Bolle, by any chance?

Whenever I golf, he's my caddy.

Brad Dahl

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