HW: price question about rare vinyl

cjohnson cjohnson at HPSC.HISD.HARRIS.COM
Fri Mar 28 17:32:59 EST 1997

       I have a friend with many HW items for sale, but I was unable to
       give him a reasonable idea of what to sell them for.  To this end,
       I am soliciting BOC-L for input on relative obscurity and price.

Electric Tepee Double LP (Played once) or UK CD.
The Xenon Codex Lp w/fold-out cover
"     "     "   CD  [I personally haven't seen it around in years. Is it
rare? I would sell LP or CD depending on which would fetch more. I have to
keep one format of this one.]
Robert Calvert/Hype LP w/original cover
(Ok, as you probably guessed I have the CD as well.)

       Any inputs public or private appreciated.  Any potential buyers,
       contact the fellow directly at:  phil at toms.net

       This guy is selling his quite large HW Kollection off.  I recently
       posted a partial list of the many items he has for sale.  Two rare
       items that he still has up-for-grabs include the HW Lyric Book and
       the HW Picture Log Book (with 3 picture LPs, interview EP, and
       booklet in a box).

       Captain Cloud
       cjohnson at hpsc.hisd.harris.com

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