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Ted Jackson jr. EL84 writes:

> Correction:
> The lord Sutch record was: Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends.  1970,
> Cotillion Records, SD 9015.  OCLC lists him as David Sutch, Lord, so
> I guess he must be part of the peerage.  Carl, Jill, any thoughts?
> theo

ummm - can't say for sure but it could be a Deed Poll name change.
He'll probably be listed in "Who's Who" if anyone is near a library.
I'm told he owns/runs a pub in the same village in Devon where my sister
lives but I haven't got a clue what he looks like so if I've seen him
walk past me I wouldn't know it!   However I saw the album for sale in
a record fair recently - price 30.00 pounds.


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