85 concert video differences?

William Duffy xl5 at IINET.NET.AU
Sun May 4 03:11:36 EDT 1997

Ron Jennings wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Could someone tell what the differences are between the 2 conicles of the
> > Black sword concert videos are. I broguht one a while ago for 5.99 and
> havn't
> > aclue whihc one it is. Where were the edits made. Also does this new
> extended
> > version include the bits cut from the orginal mailing list copy?
> >
> > Timothy Langner
> as far as i know, there is only the one-hour version, then the cd-i version
> with the extra tracks.
> are you maybe confused with the 'live legends' video? a lot of people get
> them mixed up.
> rj

I recall reading something about a difference between the original mail
order version and the retail version of Black Sword.

Wouldn't it be great if they released the entire show, as it must have
been filmed in its entirety!!!


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