HW: No news for some time

Alasdair Macdonald alasdair.macdonald at VIRGIN.NET
Sun May 4 13:43:03 EDT 1997

>> harvey never did much singing, mostly spoken word. gimme shelter is
>> richard's only vocal song,
>> and he told me he wasn't happy with it. not sure about coded languages on
>> UF. only listened to it once when i first got it. i don't even remember
>> what year its from. moorcock sang it on the live chronicles
>> tour. brock sang the original.
>Moorcock did the vocals on the original version of Coded Languages and I
>believe Harvey did the vocals on a lot of the live versions.

Yes, Harvey performed Coded Languages at gigs. Sometimes he used to take off
with variations of "Question the nature of..." ie "the drugs you have been
taking" etc.


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