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Dane Carlson dcarlson at ONECOLOR.COM
Tue May 6 16:56:02 EDT 1997

    I see them leaving the heavy midi/ambient/synth period. When it was Dave and Alan, they had everything setup, pretty full sound. With Alan gone, you lose his bass playing (quite good) and his keyboards/midi. I think we're going to get a rougher more aggressive Hawkwind. Does Jerry play Keyboards?
    Ron is from a "punk" type band, Jerry a "Hawkwind/Festival" style band. I imagine Dave can cover keyboards and guitar with Jerry playing the "lead" guitar role, Ron thrashing away on the bass, and Richard keeping it all together. I am very curious to see what comes of this.
    Hawkwind has always changed every few years, and I think the times are changin' again. A return to a more vintage style of HawkRock. Time to let your Freak Flag Fly!

Of course, I could be wrong...

BTW Is it Jerry or Gerry?


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