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At 08:09 AM 7/05/97 EDT, Ted Jackson jr. EL84 wrote:
>> From:          "Alex S. Garcia" <asg at IMAGINET.FR>
>> >I'll tell ya
>> >right now, that if BOC's song isn't in the flick, I'll refuse to see
>> >it no matter how good it is...
>> >theo
>> Isn't that a bit extremist of you, Theo ? I think you're overreacting. :-o
>>         The guys who are involved in this remake may never even have heard
>> of BOC... and even if they have, it could be they don't actually like the
>> song, or whatever. Of course, I'd like it to be in there too, but I'm not
>> gonna refuse seeing the movie just because "Godzilla" isn't in it... let's
>> be reasonable about this ;-)
>> Alex S. Garcia.
>Well, really, extreme for me would have been an outpouring of
>profane, inflammatory, Religion and Rush-bashing!  Seriously, I'm not
>a huge fan of the original run of Godzilla flicks, though I loved the
>first one.  Not so sure I'd see it even if BOC's song DID appear in
>it!  I take that back.  If the BOC song appears, I'll go.  And I'd
>think that SOMEBODY involved in the production must have heard of
>BOC.  I wasn't suggesting that BOC do the soundtrack [though that
>would be my highest spiritual plane] but maybe let Godzilla play
>during the end credits or something, or maybe have it blast out of a
>car radio before it gets crushed, or, well, you get the idea...

  "OH-NO!!  - I think I'll have to go, go,go GODZILLA!!"

   `Zilla movies were always fun, even before BOC did the riffola from hell.

    (I wanted a plastic Godzilla toy for X-mas but I didn't get one.  I have
been good all year this time.)


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