:UK Slang

Mike Parkington Mike.Parkington at UUNET.PIPEX.COM
Thu May 8 08:52:41 EDT 1997

Two possibilities here:

1/ Tosser, contraction of toss-pot one who drinks excessively, a drunkard.
2/ Tosser also wanker, one who masturbates

Hope this is of help

Mike P.

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> From:          M Holmes <fofp at TATTOO.ED.AC.UK>

> Martyn Lawrence writes:
> > He played dangerous visions on the winter tour,and he also left with ginger
> > to become one of Ginger Bakers nutters,and what a bunch of tossers they were.

Could UK friends please explain significance of 'tossers?'  Sounds
like a great one!

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