HW: out&intake

Ron Jennings sprawl at STARLINX.COM
Sat May 10 15:35:13 EDT 1997

> William said:
> >Do not ignore Out & Intake, this is an official album with lots of
> >original material, along the same lines as Palace Springs & Zones, but
> >better.
> What I ment was One and Intake was a noffical realise so although it has
> Dance and other tracks by various people realted to ahwkwidn it is a
> relaise.

Out and intake is strictly hawkwind. there are no relatation bands on the
it is not a compilation. it is a legitimate and recommended album that was
recorded as such.
the 'common' tracks found here are as far as i can tell, different versions
than those found on the various comps. a couple of the tracks appear on the
'good' compilation 'night of the hawks.'
do not reject this album (cd)!
rj  (also, do not let the opening track [turner point] scare you away. it
only lasts a couple of minutes,
then its over.)

> Timothy Langner

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