HW: out&intake

William Duffy xl5 at IINET.NET.AU
Sun May 11 00:31:29 EDT 1997

langner timothy wrote:
> >Out and intake is strictly hawkwind. It is a legitimate and recommended album
> >that was recorded as such. the 'common' tracks found here are as far as i can
> >tell, different versions than those found on the various comps.
> So were all the tracks recorded in 1987? Because Nick turner had left the band
> by then. If it was earilyer when was ghost dance recorded?
Nik Turner had rejoined the band at this time. It was recorded sometime
around the same period as Choose Your Masques and the Night of the Hawks

> And does any one know anything about the version which appeared on the
> anthgology collection. Where it was from? Surly if there is odd bits of hawk
> live tracks issued by these not paying compnaies there must be more from
> master tapes. Perphaps hawkwind should clean some of these up and issue the
> songs themselevs because some of these are actualy quite good. Eg. Ghost
> Dance (anolgythy), masters of the universe (one on text of festivals).
It would probably be a live recording from around that time as well. I
know a lot of the live stuff is from the Weird Tapes.

> Timothy Langner

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