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Jeff Riedle stretch at GOT.NET
Sun May 11 18:19:10 EDT 1997

>Alan wrote:

>I try to "push" Hawkwind on everyone I meet who is into
>music, and one guy who liked what he heard told me they
>were coming in concert (this was several years back)
>to a San Jose, CA night club.  I went, and it was the
>best show I've ever been to.  It was also affirmation that
>the band was still alive and well (BTW, a band called
>"Galactic Zoo" opened for them - very Hawkwind-like -
>anyone ever hear of them?).

I can tell you about the band, as I know them well. I'll even give you the
secret inside story about Galactic Zoo. I was a long-time fan of Hawkwind at
that time (still am) and also knew the owner of the club they performed at,
One Step Beyond in Santa Clara which is next to San Jose. I asked Stan
(owner) if I could open
for Hawkwind, and he asked me if I had a band. I said I'd create one and
that we'd be a good opener, and he agreed. I literally didn't have a band
for this, so I found some friends who I sorta knew, along with a couple of
co-workers, and a girlfriend who sang. The guitarist and bassist had
performed together, and I had been playing drums for a few years in a surf
band (still do), and we had the co-workers (non-musicians!) diddle on
keyboards while we played 3 long Pink Floyd-ish jams, complete with rented
smoke machine and my day-glo green earrings! We only "practiced" about 2-3
hours prior to this show, and we managed to learn 'Steppenwolf' and have my
girlfriend (a real singer) sing in Robert Calvert's place. I got my
influence by watching Pink Floyd's video LIVE AT POMPEII. I think it went
quite well all things considered, and I had it captured on video for
historical sake. It was truly a one-shot gig, and it is a fond memory for me
to know I opened for Hawkwind. Harvey was quite gracious, because he ended
up with oil from the smoke machine all over his keyboards and he didn't get
mad about it!! There you have all the secrets about Galactic Zoo. The name,
by the way, came from a 1972 album title by Arthur Brown.

Stretch (drummer and happy man!)

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