HW: Tim Blake's Waterfalls

Stephen Swann swann at ST-CANARD.SPC.EDU
Sun May 11 21:26:36 EDT 1997

Paul Mather writes:
> Jill writes:
> > However if it *is* an official production then it argues that there
> > ought to be a Master Tape somewhere and maybe this could be re-mastered
> > to get a cleaner sound.
> Maybe the master tape is a cassette tape originating from someone who
> recorded the gig on a walkman in the audience?  (That's what Venom's
> _Official Bootleg_ sounds like.)  In that case, I wouldn't hold my breath
> for a massive increase in sound quality... :-)

Oh, c'mon.  EMI made Doremi sound like it had been recorded in a
studio, with real equipment, instead of underwater with a Walkman[tm],
like we all know it was really done.  ;-) Therefore, anything is


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