BOC: Live 1976

John A Swartz jswartz at MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG
Wed May 14 08:32:14 EDT 1997

Boy, the BOC discussion has been almost non-existent lately!

Albert recently relayed a bit of info about the infamous Godzilla mask
that he used to wear -- if he doesn't beat me to it, I'll retrieve it
from my computer at home sometime soon and post here.

I have an extra (still sealed) copy of "Live 1976", if anyone is looking
for a copy of this slightly rare BOC CD of somewhat questionable quality.
If anyone is interested in purchasing or trading for this CD (although
unless you've got the vinyl Imaginos "Astronomy" single with the "Wild
King Mix" on it, or the "Il Grande Rock" CD, you probably don't have
anything I need for in trade - what do you say Manuel ;-)    ), send me
e-mail (jswartz at - don't post replies to the list.


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