BOC in Darien/Wheezer

Ted Jackson jr. EL84 tojackso at LIBRARY.SYR.EDU
Thu May 15 07:39:47 EDT 1997

>> From:          BRIAN HALLIGAN <halligbt at BIGVAX.ALFRED.EDU>

> Tell him that it is a fantastic idea.  BOC has a decent following in NY, some
> of whom even went to a classic rock fest in Buffalo last summer just to
> hear them play 5 songs...  Diversity in festivals is always beneficial to the
> bands (who get exposed to a new clique of fans), the promoters (who draw in
> larger crowds to see each type of band instead of just fans of one genre), and
> the fans (who get introduced to a style of music that they may not have
> experienced live).  Oh, it would also be a perfect event for me to wear my
> Nethawks t-shirt to!

BD said in one of the chats that BOC was playing at Darien Lake this
summer.  I forget what the date was.  Have you heard anything about
the gig?  Do you know if it's a BOC gig or a stop on the Wheezer Fest

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