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Henrik Hallgren henrik.hallgren at SUNDSVALL.MAIL.TELIA.COM
Fri May 23 08:55:14 EDT 1997

QUEST wrote:
> On Wed, 21 May 1997, Ian R Fines wrote:
> > Also, I saw the new Pressurehed digipak "Explaining the Unexplained"
> > ....looks pretty cool.  Again, has anyone heard this?  any comments
> > appreciated.
> I must say that the new Pressurehed album is their best so far (IMO).

I agree and you can also hear the sound from their work with Nik (the
electronic parts).
> The first album (Infadrone) was around 50-something minutes, and leans
> more toward the punky-industrial sound;
> Their second (Sudden Vertigo) is around an hour long and is more spacy.
> Much of it, IMO, sounds like filler to me.  (E.g., in the first track,
> there is over 2 minutes of "droning noises" before the song turns into
> anything of interest.)
> What strikes me about their third (Explaining the Unexplained) is that
> it's about 76 minutes long, yet contains >very little filler<.  "The Great
> Orm" is about the only song on the album that sounds "filler-like".
> Everything else is simply great stuff.  And the booklet that comes with it
> is quite interesting, no extra charge. :-)

Haven´t read the book yet, must find some time this weekend (hopefully),
although it certainly seems like interesting reading. It´s a large
number of strange stories included (UFO´s, abductions, Nellie, The

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