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Daniel Wikdahl mpj95wid at MC.HIK.SE
Wed May 28 07:54:58 EDT 1997

Carl writes;
>    They are definitely very Sabbathy and the vocals are basically Ozzy
>clones.  No real surprises here.  However, they are not too bad.  I've got
>some tapes of them--both studio and live material--and the music is quite
>enjoyable.  I have not rushed out to buy their album, though maybe if I had
>a real job I would pick it up :)

Ah, I know the situation very well.

>    Interestingly, I hear through my connections to Rise Above Records
>(London doom metal label) that Tony Iommi contacted their singer for work
>on his upcoming solo project .....

Like that Coverdale and Page thing a few years ago.

It looks like it isn't an god idea to buy a sHEAVY CD right now before I have
heard some of their music.

"Jag har en papegoja -så jag bestämmer" (Rickard Fuchs)

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