OFF: Make It Stop Please!/ Old Farts (Cont.)

Jon Browne jon at COMICS.DEMON.CO.UK
Sat Nov 1 05:51:38 EST 1997

In article <l03110700b07faa6b3f21@[]>, Ted Alger
<talger at PIPELINE.COM> writes
>>In any event What does Veurca Salt sound like?  I always loved that name
>>for a band but never found any of their stuff in a bargain bin to
>>sample.  Are they an all female band?
>not sure how to describe the sound....pretty guitar heavy...some of the
>"alternative" type sound, but not really Eddy "Angst is me" Vedder type
>of lyrics....a little more whimsical.
>last I heard, it was Nina and Louise on guitars and vocals and 2 guys on
>bass and drums

Do you know The Breeders? They sound very like them. Or Juliana
Hatfield. Indie-pop.
Jon Browne
102 degrees.

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