HW: new album and sheffield gig

Chris Warburton desdinova at EARTHLING.NET
Tue Nov 4 18:46:24 EST 1997

At 17:44 04/11/97 +0000, you wrote:
>In article <199711041129.LAA10061 at teak.shu.ac.uk>, Chris Bates
><C.D.Bates at SHU.AC.UK> writes
>>Anyway the new album is out and, as someone (Jon?)
>>predicted, it's in the 2 for 22 quid sale at HMV.
>Yup, that was me. Here's another prediction.....
>Live '74 will be called "The 1999 Party" and it won't be long now......
>Jon Browne
So if these tapes were from "The 1999 Party" tour, do tapes of Man exist as

Always living in hope...


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