HW : Too long albums (was NEW ALBUM ROCKS!!!!)

Jon Browne jon at COMICS.DEMON.CO.UK
Mon Nov 10 05:57:39 EST 1997

In article <v01510100630b6483f13b@[]>, Kenneth Magnusson
<bishop.garden at FALKOPING.MAIL.TELIA.COM> writes
>So what we need is albums where the artists has to pick the best, say,
>seven songs out of, say, fourteen, instead of getting the full output since
>the last album, anyone agree ?

well, not really, because, these days bands tend to release every 2 to 3
years intstead of once a year. So really we're still getting more or
less the same amount of "songs per year".

And besides, the new Verve album (on vinyl) is a double and it's fine.
And Vanishing Point/Primal Scream, that's a double and that's cool, too!
(But the earlier stuff's more spacey, though.........)
Jon Browne

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