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Tue Nov 11 11:15:00 EST 1997

On 11 Nov 15:55, M Holmes wrote:
> > I now know it's credited to HW. My questions now are:-
> > 1 Does this contain tracks from the PW album?
> Dave Berry posted something on this. Was it true or a windup Dave?

I did mail a reply to Max's message.  Maybe JANET threw it away en route
to you?  Here it is again, FWIW.


On 03 Nov 17:11, William Duffy wrote:
> I now know it's credited to HW. My questions now are:-

It's called "Distant Horizons", it's by Hawkwind, and the track list is:

        Distant Horizons                Good, half ambient/half guitar.
        Phetamine Street                Good, very punky.
        Waimea Canyon Drive             Poor, although some good guitar
                                        towards the end.
        Alchemy                         Good, a welcome increase in pace.
                                        Reminds me a little of Sabbath.
        Clouded Vision                  Good, ballad-y.  Could do with
                                        an extra 30 secs of guitar at
                                        the end.
        Reptoid Vision                  Excellent.  This will be a classic.
        Population Overload             OK, but out of place here.
        Wheels                          Very good, rocky.
        Kauai                           Short ambient piece, good.
        Taxi For Max                    Short fun number, good.
        Love In Space                   Instrumental version of the HW song.
                                        OK, but out of place here.

> 1 Does this contain tracks from the PW album?

The forthcoming one?  Who knows?  Some of the tracks (Waimea Canyon Drive,
Population Overload, Love In Space) sound to me that they would fit better
on a PW album, but that's just my opinion.

Oddly enough, the title track also sounds a bit like a Psychedelic Warlords
track, but fits this album very well.

> 2 Is the version of LIS the same one from the previous PW album, White Zone?

No.  Leastwise, I don't remember the PW track sounding remotely like this.

> 3 What is the line-up for the next PW album, as I believe it was being
> recorded when Alan was still in the band?

I've no idea, I'm afraid.

> William

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