HW : Live 74 out on Monday

Chris Warburton desdinova at EARTHLING.NET
Tue Nov 11 11:43:09 EST 1997

At 15:18 10/11/97 +0000, you wrote:
>It's a definate. I've just been told my copy's in the post.
>Thery're finished. They exist. They should be no delays with this one.
>Hopefully, I'll get mine by the end of the week (review copy) so I'll
>post as soon as I've spun it. I've had tapes (albeit in a disorganised
>form over 2 x C90's) of this show for a couple of years and they sound
>great, I mean REALLY great, before any remastering, so I can't wait to
>hear this. If this sounds like i'm expecting this really is a dream LP,
>esp. for you UA-era-centrics.

That's meeee, that's meeeeeee

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