UeberWind (was Re: HW : Too long albums (was NEW ALBUM ROCKS!!!!))

Dave Berry daveb at HARLEQUIN.CO.UK
Thu Nov 13 08:59:00 EST 1997

On 13 Nov 13:41, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:
>      Well, if we counted _Space Bandits_ as "90s" I reckon the only really
> decent track on the album was "Images". :)  In fact, I quite like "Images"!

What about the live version of "Out Of The Shadows"?

>  And I suppose the "Back in the Box" on _Palace Springs_ was all right, and
> might be 90s.

I'm a bit dubious about the inclusion of "Death Trap" as 90s.  QS&C and
"Mask of Morning" are radically different from their originals, but
"Death Trap" is pretty much the same.  Not that it matters much, I'm just
being pedantic.

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