BOC: George Geranios on ETL

Chuck Saden AgentOF at AOL.COM
Thu Nov 13 23:42:01 EST 1997

There was a discussion on the alt.boc board about live albums and I asked
George to comment on Live stuff, since the BDB is a pure soundboard and
hasn't been worked on.  (Although George thinks I was playing around with
Shooting Shark:-)

The question was something like:
"George, how much of the so called Live albums are actually live?"

>>I'd like to get the latest version of the show if possible:

Regarding live albums, it was common in the seventies for bands like KISS to
put out 'live" records that were mostly, if not all, studio creations.
Perhaps the projects began as live multitracks, and upon careful reflection
most everything got replaced. It's said that one famous album is just
basically a fake, begun and ended in a studio.
I can't speak for the earlier albums, but ETL contains only two overdubs:
     Bucks vocal in the Reaper was sung well, but the engineer who recored
the live multitrack (I waz at front-of-house) overcompressed the vocal,
rendering it unusable.
     Joe replaced a bass part (in what song I have long-ago forgotten)
because he felt he had "clammed." That's it-all the rest totally live.
     To answer your question, no I haven't explored any chat (alt) type
sites. I'll eventually get there, I'm sure.  Gotta run, In LA with
Anthrax.......gpg <<

Maybe we can get George to join BOC-L:-)


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