HW : Too long albums (was NEW ALBUM ROCKS!!!!) (Forward)

Troy Harris fiskare at WEBCONCEPT.COM.AU
Sun Nov 16 01:15:57 EST 1997

At 07:40 PM 15/11/97 +0100, Christian Mumford wrote:
>Love In Space (flame on!!!!! Lame In Space??)
>Waiting For Tomorrow (just love Huw's flat, slurred
>                        vocal delivery and Thompson's drumming
>                        with his forehead - IMO boring tune as well)
>Solitary Mind Games (same criteria as above!!!)
>Wings (cracks me up more than breaks me up to hear about those dead little
>British Tribal Music (hands down for great song title tho!)
>Hash Cake '77 (same criteria as above!)

 What about the HIDEOUS "Dealing with the Devil"????  Does this not give new
meaning to the word SUX?

 I rather like "Wings".  Weird, huh.

>The "real" albums:
>96% of the entire IITBOTFTBD

 The cover tune is cool.

>78% of White Zone
>61% of Zones (ok, this is IMO halfass live material of mostly cool songs)
>53% of Church Of Hawkwind
>42% of Space Bandits

 SB is OK, IMHO,

  However, I think we would all agree that any band that puts out more
albums than I have had hot dinners is going pretty good if the fans can only
really come up with a handful of excreta.


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