OFF: more Swedish chefs (was: HW: the ICU CDrom!!!!)

Carl E. Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Mon Nov 17 05:38:59 EST 1997

On mån 17 nov 1997 10.56 +0100 "Daniel Wikdahl" <mpj95wid at MC.HIK.SE> wrote:
> My father was involved in the building of some hotels
> (and bunkers, I suppose :-) in Bagdad before the Gulfwar.
> The bloody yanks bombed the whole city and maybe will do it again.
> You bastards! ;-) That's what I call the ultimate conflict 'tween
> Sweden and the US (poor dad, you should know that he's a glazier! Imagine
> what's left of his work!)... but I'm not sure if the Swedish government
> agrees...  :-)

    Well, did he get paid first?  If so, well, no worries! ;)  If all the glass got blown away then they'll need to hire him again! ;)  Think of the job opportunities being created ...


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