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Daniel Wikdahl mpj95wid at MC.HIK.SE
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John started a new thread:
>My favorite BOC album covers are (in no particular order) Some Enchanted
>Evening, Fire of Unknown Origin, ETL, and OYFOOYK

This must have been discussed before but, hey, I don't care. :-)

OK, fave BOC covers ( in order!):
1 The Gavlik covers! The mood is the same as in the music. Fit so fine together.
2 RbN... I love the mix of highways and ancient egypt.
3 Spectres... does the band look evil or what?!?
4 Imaginos... just nice pix...
5 CE... ugly but funny... (BOC _is_ a dinoband after all)

Least favorite:
Eziekels Wheel... I can't even spell the title right and the picture of Godot is
so blurred.

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