HW: Adrift in the Ether

Scott Heller shll at HAGEDORN.DK
Tue Nov 18 05:42:05 EST 1997


        I just got this great new book called Adrift in the Ether: British
Psychedelic Underground!  It has near complete discographies of all the
british psych bands from the 80's (HW, Dr. Brown, Mandragora, Magic Musroom
Band, Astrlasia, you name it... A great reference book. The sections on
GONG and Hawkwind are very impressive and like 10 pages each!!  He of
course mentions that HW have had the most influence of any psych band!!
Great stuff!


ObCD- Ozric Tentacles- Curious Corn
      Tangle Edge- Takra

ObCs- ZZTOP- Memphis 1971!

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