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On tis 18 nov 1997 17.15 +0100 "Christian Mumford" <cannibal at CUTEY.COM>
> Amorphis - "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" - this is decent enough
>                 death-y metal with a melodious folk influence and
>                 more range than most of these kinds of bands. Pretty
>                 different than the My Kantele psych effort (which was
>                 IMO very cool). Too bad about the dumb "death growl"
>                 vocals which mars some fine music. Somewhat mystical
>                 sounding in places, and captures an atmosphere of
>                 the Finnish folk poem the Kalevala, though nothing
>                 out of this world.

    _Elegy_ was brilliant.  Among my top 10 for the decade.  Amorphis can
release another album like that as soon as they want, IMO.  I haven't
actually heard _Tales From The Thousand Lakes_, but got the impression that
it was rather like you describe.  I'll probably pick it up sometime
(sometime far in the future when I'm not destitute! ;)


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