OFF: Man 1999 party

Chris Warburton desdinova at EARTHLING.NET
Tue Nov 18 10:48:04 EST 1997

Andy Gilham wrote:
>Just browsing CDZone, looking for this Penarth record, saw this under "Man":
>£11.86  1999 Tour Party PNTVP112CD
>                7 Nov 1997


>£5.55 (CD single) Greasy Truckers Party PNTVP104CD
>Hmmmm...!!!  Might have to go shopping....

Since I have the "Greasy Truckers Party" on the original vinyl, That can
wait (unless there're extra goodies on it.....   Still waiting for a
reissue of Christmas at the Patti (my original double 10" got nicked years
ago & I'm still lusting for blood!!!!!)

ObCD:  Colosseum II/Strange New Flesh

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