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lil ab wrote:

>The biggest problem cited in the article was that few, if any, of the
>major labels are independent business; most are owned by large
>conglomerates with an eye on the bottom line.  Sad, when artist ran this
>industry we got art, with coporations running the show we are getting
>"whats hot at the moment".
>-- snip --<

Thjis isn't really new, I think the trend started back with
FleetwoodMac/Rumours and some of the ludicrous deals that came in the wake.
 It's coming to light now (I think) because the lack of investment in "new
talent" back then has resulted in a much narrower range of "upper mid" acts
who would consistently sell albums, even though they wouldn't go straight
to the top of the charts.  Here in Britain I'm reminded of this by the sort
of stuff that's showing up on the "reissue" labels like BGO, See For Miles
& Castle - often from the back catalogues of labels like Charisma/B&C,
Chrysalis, Island (when it WAS Island)... Get my drift?


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