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>I bet there are loads more...


The Fugs? Gong also had their moments too, with bizarre drawn out
stoned intros and narrative gibberish that consisted of stuff
from the lyrics re-improvised live, or Allen's brilliant little
skits or narrative and musings. On Kluster's Klopfzeichen there
is a woman chanting fire and brimstone over a monotonous beat,
and on Tangerine Dream's Alpha Centauri there is a chilling
spoken piece at the end. Also in Guru Guru's "Electronic Junk"
(I think, or the song after on Hinten) there is a strange spoken
piece in the middle of the jam. Hell, tons of 70s German bands
did some sinister freakout narration, but my German is so bad
I don't know where to draw the line to poetry!!!

Of course Moorcock's solo stuff might qualify, and definetly
Dead Kennedys. Jello Biafra is punk's beat poet if there ever was
one! (Henry Rollins can go f**k himself)


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