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>Jon Browne writes:
>> OFF : Who was the greater romantic poet, Wordsworth or Blake?
>Gods above man!   What a question.....
>Well Wordsworth was an unrealistic romantic visionary who was a complete
>naff-head when it came to real politics and managed to call the
>French Revolution entirely the wrong way
>Blake was an unrealistic esoteric religious visionary who tried to
>create his own religion through Creation onwards by his visual arts and
>his poetry.
>And there is of course the entire 18th "Romantic" poets pantheon of
>Keats, Shelley, Byron et al. not to mention the Victorian "Romanticists"
>of Clare, Tennyson, Thompson and ever onwards....
>Aaarghh!  How can you hope to ask such questions and have a realistic
>response in less than a 500 page thesis.....................

Perfectly happy to take this to e-mail.....

Wordsworths epiphanies came from the extant outer world - "the host of
golden daffodils" whereas Blake dealt in exultant inner landscapes, his
"New Jerusalem" (note obContent :-0 ) So, one or the other was probably
more or less missing the point. Depending on your mood. Just something
I've been thinking about after reading Zodaic Mindwarp & Bill Drummond's
Bad Wisdom.

Sorry, too off, I'll shut up....
Jon Browne

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