OFF: Poetry With Music - Enid

Chris Warburton desdinova at EARTHLING.NET
Tue Nov 25 02:04:02 EST 1997

At 00:43 25/11/97 GMT, you wrote:
>Chris Warburton writes:
>> I was at the first ever "pro" gig that The Enid performed at Salford
>> University (75/76 academic year), and they did poetry & prose pieces
>> between the musical pieces.
>Does anyone want a couple of pieces of Enid vinyl?   I've been trying
>to appreciate them for ages now and I think it's about time to give up.
>I really can't cope with these guys so if anyone is keen to relieve me
>of my albums (I think I've got two somewhere) let me know!

I enjoyed seeing them at the time - novelty value I guess - but I've never
liked any of their albums much - "Hello clouds, hello sky" again!

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it just means use your imagination." - Billy Bragg

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