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Dave Berry daveb at HARLEQUIN.CO.UK
Wed Nov 26 09:28:00 EST 1997

On 26 Nov 14:06, M S Wright wrote:
Hey Mike, thanks for reminding me:

> On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Sonique wrote:
> (Yes all those days ago)
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Does anyone know if these tracks have anything at all to do with HW, or is it
> > just co-incidence??
> >
> > http://musiccentral.msn.com/Album/Display/205917

This one is on an album by Deboko Hajime/Yamantaka Eye.

I don't know the album, but one of the tracks on the Gong You ReMixed
album is by Yamataki Eye, which sounds close enough for one of them
to be a mis-spelling of the other.  The tracklist for the above album
suggests a couple of re-mixes/parodies or something:

1.Eepman  2.Test Tube  3.Thank You For Not Thinking   4.Pulp Wars
5.Sticky Beethoven's Pipeline  6.Lauging Eskimo  7.Damascus
8.Yoga Dollar  9.Pro Pollution  10.My Rainbow Life  11.Bad Hawkwind
12.We Live

So there might be a connection here.

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