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Tue Aug 4 11:56:30 EDT 1998

> From:          "BREVARD, Adrian R." <abrevard at SHL.COM>
> Heard that Armaggedon is too noisy,

Better to see Deep Impact.  Armageddon's just plain boring, and
dialog's embarassingly awful.  And to think a whole bunch of good
screenwriters worked on the project.  Wonder how bad it'd be if
they'd used a bunch of hacks?  Too bad the producers didn't repeat
their strategy from Crimson Tide, and hire Tarantino to punch up the
script.  Part of Armageddon's script woes have to do with their wish
to get a PG13 rating.  Bruce Willis can't do his usual expletive
ridden improvising, and he looks really wooden for it...

'Zilla too much hooey,

Didn't see it, for obvious reasons:  Monster looks like a gay TRex
from Lost World, and snub of BOC's song...

> Private Ryan too bloody.

Yeah, leave the kids home for this one.  Horrific, realistic wartime
violence shockingly portrayed.  Reminds me of the violence in
Braveheart, albeit moved up a couple hundred years...A great film,
that would be even better if Spielberg would ever bother to develop a
character.  He seems steadfastly against giving any of his characters
any motivation. Must've skipped that class at film school



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