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        On Trial are a Danish band that I just found out about in the last
few months. They play a style of psychedelic rock that ranges from  Monster
Magnet style to the more garagy Roky Erkison style. They have been around
in various forms for 11 years and have released three lps, the most recent
is Head Entrance on SPV out of Germany ( I got a copy of it on Helicopeter
Records out of denmark, only 300 made on vinyl!).  I also have the 2nd one
called 70 kilometers of underwater nothingness, Kaptain!  I spoke with the
guitar player Henrik for quite a while and Delerium records in England has
shown some interest in the next lp, which they will record this month
(2/98).  They were opening for Thee Headcoats from England this night but
due to the freezing weather and lateness of the show, I did not stay to see
them as I would have had to walk home (45 minutes) or take a taxi (125
kroner), so I opted out for the last bus at 12:23 near the club.

        On Trial were excellent!  Very psychedelic and a cool low budget
light show, but very effective!  They played several new songs, two from
Head Enterance and one from 70 kilometers. The sound mix was excellent and
the crowd seem to be into it as well. A lot of their songs seem like they
could have really wnet off in a psych jam in the middle but cut it short
due to time. Henrik said that they have been known to really go off and
play only 4 songs in an hour on occassion. He said they don't usually
improvise much by stretching the songs out when they are opening act.  I
guess I can understand.. They did do a 15 minute version of Slip inside
this House by Roky Erickson during the 50 minute set!!   The set list was:

As if I was In
Cast it Aside
Blood Butterfly
Human Twin
Slip Inside this House
Encore: Psychotic Reaction (cover song)

        I got an excellent recording and it was a good time. Loppen is a
cool place but way to smoky,ugh..


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