OFF: Fw: weird facts - bollocks more like.

c mumford cannibal at CUTEY.COM
Tue Feb 3 17:40:28 EST 1998

>IMO italians have a screwed up view on politics tho hey, if it gets her
>votes, d'oh, let the dumb fucks vote her in on the basis of her tit
>flashing. Just look at the state of Italy's parliament - a friggin circus.
>No wonder they need the mafia to run the place - sheesh. And people wonder
>why there are so many Mussolini nutters in Italy still, well, it obviously
>is a desperate need too get the trains to run on time again.

commenting on myself here, not like I'm implying there are that many better
systems in the political world, or that all Italians are fascists and
gangsters! It probably came off like that though--- :)

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