HW: questions on gig with Pink Floyd

Kevin Sommers novadrive at PANGEATECH.COM
Wed Feb 4 21:29:11 EST 1998

> Frank Weil writes:
> > Now, Rob's question is that he is looking for an advert for the show
> > for the book he is writing on the history of Progressive Rock.  Does
> > anyone have such an advertisement?  If not, does anyone have any leads
> > at all as to how he might obtain one?
> I'm sure I've seen the copy of a poster for this show reproduced in one
> of the Hawkwind history books - either Kris Tait's or Dave Watson's or
> maybe even Trev Hughes'.    Or perhaps my memory deceives me utterly.
> I'll browse through the bookshelves later.
> jill
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I recall seeing this advert reproduced somewhere, along with a caption
saying something along the lines of "Pink Floyd opening for Hawkwind, the
way it should be."  I THINK I remember it anyway, unless it's just pollution
of my brainbox...

Kevin Sommers

primiti too taa, nnz kkr muu.

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