OFF: Black Widow (Re: BITCH!)

Dag Luterek dag at DARINO.DEMON.CO.UK
Thu Feb 5 12:19:40 EST 1998

In message , cannibal at CUTEY.COM writes
>At 17:30 24.01.98 -0800, you wrote:
>>Which reminds me of a band called BLACK Widow, who I think recorded in the
>'70s--they had this tune called "Come to the Sabbat"...and it
>was...strange, cool, cheesy, folky. The chorus went "Come, come, come to
>the Sabbat, come to the Sabbat, Satan's there..." Anyone else ever hear
>that? Might be funny for the Surgeons to do, just as a joke... Hell, I know
>I'd do that tune if I had a band...
It's great someone should mention 'Black Widow', the album that
'satanic' tune is from is 'sacrifice', recommended. Too bad they never
got big, the Moral majority would have had a field day with their lyrics

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