Fwd: A Valentine story for all you hopelessly romantic people! (fwd)

James Coburn cando at HIGHFIBER.COM
Sun Feb 8 17:33:30 EST 1998

>>Hi- From a couple of hopelessly romantics--
>Starts great...
>>>>Send this to nobody...  You will have bad luck for at least 5 years.
>... ends horribly.
>I mean, c'mon guys, seriously, how can a "romantic" story end by a curse ?
>Don't you find that a bit ridiculous ?
>Alex S. Garcia.

Hey thanks Jean, that's a great story.  I must concur, however with Alex.
The ending is  horrible-I'm just sitting here minding my own business, read
an uplifting story and then if I continue on about my business I've got 5
years bad luck.  That's no good.  I will forward it but without the "or
else" ending.

Thanks for the good part of the story (no doubt surfacing as we draw closer
to the 14th).

James Coburn
Albuquerque, NM

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