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Doug Pearson ceres at SIRIUS.COM
Mon Feb 9 19:39:27 EST 1998

On Mon, 9 Feb 1998 16:12:42 +0200, Scott Heller <shll at HAGEDORN.DK> added:

>>Chrome will be Helios Creed and various members of Pressurehed.
>>Tommy Grenas, Paul Fox.
>>Bill Stewart
>In other words, Chrome will not really be Chrome but Helios Creed and his
>friends playing Chrome songs!
>It should still be good and spacey!

I heard (last year, from mr. Grenas, actually) that the Stench brothers
(John & Hilary) were going to be the rhythm section, with Tommy replacing
the late Damon Edge on synths.  This would be 3/4ths of the final Creed-era
Chrome lineup that made 'Chronicles', 'Blood On The Moon', etc.  I'd
consider that to be as valid a Chrome lineup as you could possibly put
together these days (T.G. also told me that he'd "inherited" some of
Damon's old equipment, which would be put to use on the tour ... will he
run around stage wearing a Moog Liberation?).  Of course, that lineup may
have fallen through/fallen apart in the six months or so since I heard that
news, so you certainly shouldn't take my word as gospel.  Regardless, mr.
Heller's description should hold true!

Any SFBayArea boc-l'ers gonna be at the Great American Music Hall show?

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